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World Safety Day 2018: Dori Construction Lauds Staff On Safety Compliance

  • Dayo
  • May 25, 2018
  • Comments Off on World Safety Day 2018: Dori Construction Lauds Staff On Safety Compliance

The management of Dori Construction and Engineering Limited has commended members of staff of the company for excellent safety compliance in the workplace.

The General Manager, Engr. Yehuda Shaham, gave the commendation at an event to commemorate the World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2018 which held at its proposed Greystone Towers project site, Victoria Island, on Thursday, April 26.

He disclosed that the company commemorated the event as part of a long-term agenda to motivate the workers and avoid accidents on all its project sites.
“This is a long-term process and there are lots of points along it. This is one of the stations along this process,” he said.

Shaham added that, “This is an all-inclusive event for all the sites, for the company.”
Commenting on the proposed Greystone Towers project, the company boss said that the 22-month-old, 19-floor project had through its uniqueness challenged the company to rededicate itself towards the enhancement of workers’ health and safety.

“I can say that this site is very complicated, it’s tight (because of space constraint).
“A high-rise building is very complicated to manage in terms of safety and I commend the safety team on site for doing a very great job.

“Workers are trying and we are trying to monitor every step to avoid any accident,” he stated.
The Business Development Manager, Mr Harel Yedid, said that the company has always prioritised the health and safety of its workers as it believes a safe and healthy workforce enhances the organisation’s reputation.

He added that a good reputation is an essential aspect of every successful organisation’s worth.
Yedid said, “Bottom line is your reputation, how people see you.
“If you go around our site, you will see safety signs everywhere and our people are aware of our safety methodologies.”

Furthermore, he assured that despite the time and resources involved in creating a safe and healthy workplace, the company has not and will not compromise in ensuring that workers come to work and return safely to their loved ones.

In the same vein, Haim Glazner, the Project Manager, Nairda Engineering, a subcontractor, lauded Dori’s safety management team for prompt identification and elimination of hazards on site.

Rating the performance of the HSE team 9/10, Glazner said, “Dori has enough representatives and HSE officers on site. Most of the hazards that we have on site, they can see them ahead and they try to prevent it from causing accidents. They are doing a great job; the system is improving and the project is going well.”
Speaking along this year’s World Safety Day theme, “Generation Safe and Healthy”, a health and safety expert, Mr Ehi Iden, harped on the need to pay special attention to the health and safety of young workers.
Quoting the Director General of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Guy Ryder, Iden said that there is a 40 per cent greater incidence of injury on the job to younger workers than their older counterparts.
To avoid accidents and attendant injuries to young workers, he said, it was important to ensure that they were not made to use machinery that they have not been trained to use.


He also implored the workers to avoid complacency and disobedience to safety rules and procedures.
While commending Dori Construction for its exemplary commitment to health and safety in the workplace, Iden, who is the CEO of Occupational Health and Safety Managers, urged the workers to cooperate with the company’s management to entrench an enduring safety culture.
“When we practice safety, nobody loses,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Corporate HSE Manager, Engr. Oluwemimo Sam-Aghedo disclosed that her team has had to be firm on the safety management system to overcome the challenges of working at the proposed 19-floor Greystone Towers, the first of its kind for the company.
Sam-Aghedo disclosed that some experienced workers who became complacent were dismissed from the site to drive home the point that safety compliance was non-negotiable, irrespective of their position.

She said, “So far, compliance level has increased because we have had to take a lot of stringent measures. We had to introduce consequence management, while also motivating them to work safely. The workers know, depending on the severity, the consequence of safety violation is immediate dismissal.”

Furthermore, the corporate HSE manager re-emphasised the enforcement of the company’s HSE Drug & Alcohol policy as there had been observed a recent trend in violation especially among the young workers.

She reminded them of the continuous random testing exercise for drugs and alcohol and advised them to desist from such not just as workers in Dori, but to build a safe and healthy generation.
Speaking on the World Safety Day 2018 event, Sam-Aghedo described it as the company management’s way of celebrating the workforce and appreciating their commitment to safety.

“It takes management’s commitment to safety for this kind of project to be successful,” she added.
Furthermore, she appealed to the workers to continue to maintain safety compliance and report near misses promptly for appropriate close-out.

Safety Record Newspaper can report that some of the company workers were presented with awards and certificates for exemplary safety performance.
Sam-Aghedo noted that it remained one of the company’s proactive approaches in motivating the workforce and encouraging them to take responsibility for safety, especially in the reporting of near misses.