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Ways to Reduce Noise Pollution


Man has a poor track record of recognizing disease-causing agents. And often, once the agents have been recognized, people are still reluctant to change.

One commonly overlooked disease causer is noise pollution. Right now, the World Health Organization found that traffic noise alone is harmful to the health of almost every third person in Europe. One in five, they found, were exposed to nighttime sound levels that could significantly damage health. The numbers are similar elsewhere.

Here in Nigeria, blaring noise from mounted cone speaker on the roof of religious outfits – mosques and churches, and commercial music studios and retailers in residential neighbourhoods, are fast taking over the serenity of the neighbourhood and night time revere and peace.

As our population continues to grow, the sources of noise will continue to become more numerous (and obnoxious). Unfortunately, in the Nigeria we’ve made negative progress in the way of legislation. The environmental agency which was created to protect citizens from noise that poses a threat health and welfare is at best moribund due to a lack for enforcement of state laws.

As individuals, we are incapable of completely changing our environment to eliminate excess noises—such things will need to be left up to government, city planners, etc.—however, there are still things we can do while we wait:

Turn off your electronics. Computers, game systems, televisions and the like all make noise when they’re not in use—whether it’s a fan spinning or that high-pitched, barely-audible screech some TVs make in standby.