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Using Fireworks At Your Next Event Is Not A Must

Using Fireworks At Your Next Event, Is Not A Must

Fireworks now add “flavour” to an event. It gives the much desired sparkling effect which elicits fun, excitement and awesome visual amusement to any event. These spectacular displays have over time become ingredients of effects for all kinds of celebrations as they are a great source of excitement, motivation and entertainment at events. Whether for a private party or a major event, fireworks are fabulous making the event unforgettable and remembered by all.
Pyrotechnics may be the way to go when making the choice of special effects for our events. But more emphasis should be placed on what the guests are talking about as opposed to the spectacular display. The effects of fireworks form diverse indelible experiences in the minds of guests. This is because they have the ability to elicit varied thoughts and reactions which can be excitement, fun or safety concerns. Though they may add pleasure, sound and spectacle to any event yet most experiences do get the pulse racing and the senses responding like a stunning fireworks display.
The priority of the event planner should be to identify the objectives behind the display of fireworks at celebrations. Just as the appeal of fireworks cannot be negotiated, in the same vein security in its use should never be compromised. If the use of pyrotechnics or fireworks would tamper with the safety of an event site or any of the guests then, it may be worth a second thought. After all, the intent is to plan a display that is not only enjoyable, but equally very safe.
Therefore, the preparation for the use of fireworks must be thorough whilst putting in to perspectives goals, execution and effects. Fireworks should more often than not be displayed at outdoor events. We need to as much as possible abstain from the use of fireworks at indoor events. The most important aspects of planning a firework display should be site and safety. Therefore, the event planner must always have a safety plan.
In developed countries the “Code for outdoor display” specifies that display of fireworks in outdoor events usually require a large land space. The use of fireworks in an enclosed area is considered unsafe. Though formal approval for display of fireworks is not necessary in all cases, however, a specified distance surrounding the point of discharge to allow ample room for the debris to fall is a must. Safety is a dominant factor.
I understand that no one would deliberately want to jeopardize the safety of guests by using fireworks in confined event sites, but what I do not understand is why this is the usual practice. Why would an event planner use fireworks in an unsafe …? Just for the fun of it? As the planner, you need to be on board with safety and be certain that there is adequate provision for safety, otherwise please talk your client out of it! Explain why the basics of a safe and successful event are much more important than the excitement of its display.
My sister-in law was telling me the other day how she felt about the fireworks displayed at a wedding reception she attended. The site of the event was a marquee set up on a rented space. There were a lot of guests and as usual more than the ideal capacity of the tent. The party was packed full with diverse activities going on simultaneously. Personal space was encroached on and you could not even get up from your seat without bothering other guests. There was so much to drink and eat and the guests were generally having fun. My sister-in law was coping fine until the display of fireworks which distorted her vision. The display was in an overcrowded marquee with exit right at the end of the tent! And her initial reaction was for her safety. What if there was an outbreak of fire she thought? She felt the…

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