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Samuel Akinfe

The Psychology of Accident Prevention

How many more should we allow to die?

October 10, 2016

By Samuel Akinfe. It is the beginning of ember months. Many people see the ember months as the most dreadful months of the year, because activities of the year begin to ramp up very fast. So also, people become vulnerable to various vices, and road crash is not exempted. And looking back in the year, […]

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Road safety enforcement

Road Safety Enforcement… (1)

September 20, 2016

“The healthy exchange of thoughts and concepts breeds thorough analysis of contemporary law enforcement issues and techniques and invokes beneficial change” – Connie L. Patrick Welcome dear readers to September! Connie’s quote is very apt in this month’s edition and subsequent discuss on the subject of law enforcement. I hope we gain proper perspective to […]

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“Tyre Safety (3)”

July 1, 2016

By Samuel Akinfe Is it not amazing we have gone half way into the year already? Always looking forward to share tips and expand on what we know…welcome to July! So much information is being shared on Tyre safety; I wouldn’t want to go over them again, but it will do us good if we […]

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“Tyre Safety (2)”

June 1, 2016

It is the right thing to continue to enlighten ourselves, educate and create awareness; we will continue to highlights things we need to know to stay safe on the road. Welcome to the sixth month, June is here! Our first shot at “Tyre Safety” was on selection, if we get selection wrong; anything we do […]

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“If there are not infrastructures and proper signs on the road, the mobile court will be like a war of the state against the public”

March 11, 2016

Samuel Akinfe Babatunde is a special Marshal and CEO Steerite Driving School. He is also a member of several safety bodies including the National Safety Council (NSC), American Society of Safety Engineers, (ASSE) and The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, United Kingdom. He makes regular appearance on Traffic Radio, LTV 8, and also […]

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“Before speed limiting device…”

March 2, 2016

I can’t believe we are in March, the months are moving in so fast; we may have to install a “limiting device” on it so we can make much use of it before another month rolls in…Welcome to March. It is good having you read this column every month; I do hope I am making […]

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