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martial safety

Peripheral Vision and Reflexes

Mastering Peripheral Vision and Reflexes for Attacks

November 9, 2017

  I got feedbacks from my last article titled, “Be Prepared For Sudden Violence” which scared me stiff. My readers turned skeptical and queried the possibility of one disarming armed bandit when attacked, which was not really my focus for the article. However, I still maintain, if one is properly prepared, one can avoid being […]

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Be prepared for sudden violence

Be Prepared For Sudden Violence

October 5, 2017

  I have a background in martial arts, taekwondo to be precise, back in the university days. I could recall our instructor giving us ample self-defence training, and using us to secure some event venues on campus, particularly those held at night. To properly carry out this task, we first got ourselves prepared. We did […]

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