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Stay Safe with these Online Shopping Tips

Stay Safe with these Online Shopping Tips

You’re shopping online, you’ve found a great deal on a new camera, and you don’t want to miss out.
However, you’ve never heard of the retailer before. Or maybe it’s one you know, but you think there’s something not quite right about it…
Do you take the risk and buy the camera? Or do you play safe and cancel the transaction? You need some safety tips for shopping online.

Make sure you’re surfing on a safe site

Cybercriminals often create fraudulent websites, posing as high-profile online retailers. These websites look legitimate and ask you to enter personal information to verify your account. What they want is your username and password, so they can use it to hack into your other online shopping accounts like Amazon or eBay or even your bank account.

They also want your credit card information and your personal data. You want to be certain that you are protecting your money online.
“Cybercrime is big business and it’s taking money straight from online shoppers’ pockets. Fighting global cybercrime costs around $400 million per year in law enforcement alone.” -The Cost of Cyber Crime, Bloomberg Business Week, 2 August 2012.
How do you check if the website is safe? Well here’s a good online shopping tip; when you are in the shopping cart or on the payment page, look at the address bar of your browser. You should see…

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