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Safety and the Soul of an Organisation: Imperatives for Economic Potency (2)

  • July 9, 2016
  • Comments Off on Safety and the Soul of an Organisation: Imperatives for Economic Potency (2)

Julius Akpong

Classifications for Organisational Souls

In the marketplace, there are first of all wandering souls in competition. The actions of staff, the collective intelligence of an organisation’s human resource and the degree of utilization of same is usually effectively demonstrated in the invisible but powerful publicity, my friend would say “aura” that the organisation portrays in the marketplace. Without meaning to, some organisations intimidate others and constantly in the process, invite resumes of employees from competitor organisations. But since they are stable and hardly recruiting, a situation is seen where employees of other organisations in the industry get frustrated from an inability to make their own organisations to become like those ones and the seeming impossibility to join this desired organisations. Their frustrations affect their productivity which in turn impacts the organisation negatively, moving it further downward in the hierarchy of organizational souls. These are the strong interactions that go on as the souls of organisations are fortified.

Blue Ocean Organisations

Organisations which do not just pay lip service to safety and employee motivation have higher souls and usually form what I call the blue ocean class whose destination to interdependency at a generative culture level is clear to even the newest employee. Majority of them make it to blue chip status even in commercial parlance. New projects begin at the bidding stage with the involvement of the HSE team and safety is the common language across employees in the organisation, it is indeed everybody’s business and every staff is encouraged to attain the highest level of safety training possible because of the knowledge that safety is the right way to work. No matter how small in commercial terms such an organisation may be, it is on its way to wholesome development as, motivated staffs is a tool in the hand of the employer to win the competition in the marketplace. The soul of this organisation would show in the manner in which staff handle challenges, work gets done, as teams believe in the beauty of the bond and watch out for each other, they generally create the new ideas and competitions that go on in their industry, training gets the job done, individuals don’t exist, the teams are robust as every function belongs to a team, transparency prevents the unlikely events of sick leaves from stalling any process and employees can’t wait to arrive the office every day; the job is an experience and not labour. The soul of the organisation is intact.

The Green Organisation

The mid class which combines the need for safety compliance with the need to get fresh clients fall into the green category. Sometimes during management retreats or safety leadership seminars organised by a passionate safety Manager, policies gradually look up and the climate begins to firm up as if things were becoming positive, but soon after the audit or the bid is over, they fall sometimes from as high as…

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