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Safety and First Aid Education for Kids: The Best Children’s Day Gift!

  • June 7, 2016
  • Comments Off on Safety and First Aid Education for Kids: The Best Children’s Day Gift!

The 27th day of May is recognised as one of the days set aside to honour children all over the world. Such days are often fun-filled for children in various parts of the world. Most countries declared holidays from schools, while kids are treated in special, sometimes, unusual ways. Parents and guardians go all out to get their kids and wards, special gifts on that special day.

Whether it’s the 27th of May Children’s Day or the 1st of June International Day for Protection of Children or the 20th of November Universal Children’s Day, children all over the world deserve recognition, respect, protection and a good life in general.

So, children must be provided with all the mechanisms of such good life; good parenting, food, shelter, security and education.

Children are often referred to as the “Leaders of Tomorrow” and as such they must be empowered for leadership roles. Education is, therefore, key in that regard.

Education is basic to good morality, respect for others, skill development, appreciation for a good life and an anticipation of a good future. Elementary School education curricula often include academic subjects, sports, art and craft.

Are Kids taught Safety at School?

Yes, I know so. Although safety might not be formally covered as a prescribed academic subject in most schools, it is often mentioned in certain subjects of study and also practised in science works and during sports and expeditions.
Play Ground Safety is commonly spelt out for kids before and during play times. Teachers, parents and guardians commonly practise safe crossing of the road with kids on daily basis. Accompanying teachers or adults often caution kids in and around their school bus.

Whether they are formally taught in a subject of study or are taught in other forms of training, kids’ level of appreciation for safety may increase as they grow. However, kids within a certain age group are often curious about too many things even when they have an idea of the possible outcome. This high affinity for risk can be linked to their poor perception of hazards.

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