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Recurring Incidents of Building Collapse an Unfolding Hurricane

  • June 5, 2016
  • Comments Off on Recurring Incidents of Building Collapse an Unfolding Hurricane

In August 2005, America was hit by a hurricane that resulted in the death of an estimated 1,833 and left millions homeless along the Gulf Coast and in New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina was adjudged one of the deadliest hurricanes ever to hit the United States, causing $108 billion in damage, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Today, another hurricane is building up in Nigeria. Building constructions for lack of regulatory control due to proliferation of quacks with the backing of government and professional bodies have systematically been killing construction workers and residents and wrecking serious economic and environmental hazards.

The spate of building collapses in recent weeks and months is a big embarrassment to this country and we urge the authorities and professional bodies at all levels to rise to the occasion and avert further losses of lives. The latest building reduced to rubble in Ogun state and the loss of life recorded is a quick reminder of the one in Lekki, Lagos that went down with about 50 people.

With the rate at which buildings crash in the nation without any comprehensible physical environmental pressure, it can only be imagined how many hundreds of buildings would collapse if any earth tremor or the type of natural disasters being witnessed in the countries around the West Atlantic or Indian Ocean were to occur in Nigeria.

Indeed, there is a long history of collapsed buildings in Nigeria. The synagogue building collapse which seems to be the worst building collapse in the country occurred in the Ikotun area of Lagos on September 12, 2014, was recorded to have trapped over 300 people; it was later gathered that the death toll stood at 116 with over 100 others injured. Most of those killed in the collapse, 85 people were South Africans.

The Lekki building collapse was in the news for a while. Tragedy struck on Tuesday, Monday 8, 2016 around 3am, shortly after a windstorm, a five-storey building under construction at Lekki Gardens Horizon 1, in the Lekki Phase 1 area of Lagos collapsed, killing no fewer than 34 persons and injuring several others.

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