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Planning an Event without a Risk and Safety Contingency Plan?

  • August 10, 2016
  • Comments Off on Planning an Event without a Risk and Safety Contingency Plan?

… Disaster Waiting To Happen

I was at a wedding reception two weeks ago at Apapa. It was an outdoor event, very colorful and quite well attended by the crème de la crème of the society. There was a lot to eat and drink, complimented by all the razzmatazz of our kind of event. We were all under a huge ‘Marquee’ and everyone was generally having fun.

The moment I came under the tent what readily came to my mind was to observe and lift the veil of the supposedly super marquee and beautiful event. I was not disappointed to say the least as the canopy had more holes in them than you would find in a basket. I drew my sister’s attention to my study and she shook her head in disappointment for our lackadaisical attitude towards maintenance.

Even when we have had the best utility value for our product, our priority will still be to further stretch its use until the law of diminishing returns set in. The worst is that, a reduction of the price is never in contemplation by the supplier of the product despite the decrease in value.

While at the event, I prayed fervently that God in His infinite mercies would not open the heavens and pour down showers of blessings on us. The embarrassment this singular act would have caused the event sponsor is better imagined. The thought of elitist guests soaking wet under a ‘marquee’ would have made such a headline and therefore marred the entire event.

God did hear our prayers but sent the wind instead to further reveal the inherent risks of that particular tent. It was so windy that it shook the poles holding the tent up tilting them forward. At a time the whole tent became wobbly and I actually thought it would collapse. I told my sisters that we should come away from under the tent as I did not feel safe any longer and we did.

Although, this scenario lasted a short while it was still an eye opener on how dangerous our events can be. It seemed we were the only ones perturbed as I observed that the rest of the guests carried on like nothing dangerous was impending.

I really cannot cast blame because ‘I believe you only know what you know’. But I dare say that we should desist from our usual practice of learning from personal experience as against from others. Our motto should not be ‘see is to believe’.

Event planning is the most dangerous profession. The art of organizing an event is as tedious as it is risky. The proportion of risk involved from my point of view as an Event Safety Professional is more than the entire planning process put together.

Risk management should be an integral part of the management process of any event and a demand for it should form the basis of the execution of same. An event without a risk and safety contingency plan is dangerous.

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