No Ikeja Electric Staff Was Electrocuted In Ikorodu – Management


Nigeria’s largest power distribution company, Ikeja Electric Plc has debunked media reports that a staff member was electrocuted while working on a power infrastructure in the Ikorodu area of Lagos earlier in the week.
The company made the rebuttal in a statement obtained by Safety Record Newspaper on Thursday.
According to the statement, the victim was a contractor engaged by the Lagos State Government to relocate electrical infrastructure that had been affected by the ongoing road construction around the area.

The company accused the media organisation that carried the story of making the “assertion (that the victim was an Ikeja Electric worker) based on the location of the incident without any form of fact finding.”
The statement further read, “It is pertinent to note that Ikeja Electric has a robust process in place to manage contractors safely under its network which has reflected in the reduction of third party incidents inclusive of contractors.

“This unfortunate incident was of one who didn’t go through the existing procedure of obtaining a Permit to Work on the High Tension line for safe working space before proceeding with the job.
“It was a case of someone who took the risk and paid for it with his life.

“Ikeja Electric places a premium on the lives of both employees and Third parties. Thus, contractors are made to go through bespoke HSE trainings specific to the activity to be carried out; pre-qualifications in line with other necessary requirements are also done before an authorisation is given for a job to commence.”
Ikeja Electric said that “this was absent in this case as the contractor carried out this particular activity on the day without notification, permission and recourse to all aforementioned.

“We will share Learning from Incidents once we are done with the investigation report so we could all learn and enlighten others.”
The statement further added that “you will never sight any Ikeja Electric staff working without appropriate PPE as this is well catered for by the company and compliance by employees is exemplary in the Power Industry.
“One of the contributory factors to the demise of the victim is the use of non-rated 11kv Electrical handgloves which is mandatory when working on a line with a corresponding voltage rating.
“This made him more vulnerable to the electric shock he received.”


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