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Motorists urged to avoid over inflating vehicle tyres

  • December 6, 2016
  • Comments Off on Motorists urged to avoid over inflating vehicle tyres

Motorists have been urged to ensure that their vehicle’s tyres are well gauged to the right pressure to avoid a burst that may lead to loss of life.

This advice was contained in a recent presentation by Mr. David Bada, the Jakande Estate District Chief Safety and Security Officer (CSO), for the Foursquare Gospel Church, Isolo area of Lagos, at a religious gathering aimed at sensitizing members as the yuletide season sets in.

Bada said it is the duty of vehicle owners to know the exact pressure gauge of their tyres and not leave it to their vulcanisers who most times over inflate the tyres in ignorance.

He said, “Some time ago, a friend shared an experience while he was preparing for a journey. He changed some of his tyres and asked the vulcaniser what the recommended tyre pressure was.  The man replied by saying 50 and my friend instructed him to inflate all to 50 whereas, unknown to him, the actual pressure for his tyres was 32.”

Bada said he was privileged to have a discussion with some people on the issue of the minister that died as result of a tyre burst and wondered what could have happened because nobody could imagine a minister would travel with expired tyres which the public was made to believe was the major cause of accident.

He explained that it took a friend of his who had more knowledge on tyres to explain that the major cause of tyre burst in Nigeria is that many drivers put too much pressure on their tyres.

He added that each car has recommended tyre size and pressure clearly written on it by manufacturers.

The CSO further explained that his friend showed him that the right pressure size of a tyre is written on every vehicle, and usually by the driver’s side door.

He emphasized that maintaining the correct tyre pressure would extend the life of the tyre, improve vehicle safety and ensure fuel efficiency.

“Tyres are made of rubbers and expand at high temperature.

“So, when you are travelling in the afternoon when the asphalt on the road is hot, the tyre will want to expand.

“If the pressure in the tyre is too much and couldn’t accommodate the expansion, a burst is likely to happen at that time.

“The manufacturer of your vehicle will specify the suitable pressure for your tyres, and it is your responsibility as the driver to make sure that the pressure is checked and corrected on a regular basis.

“We recommend doing this every two weeks to ensure optimum tyre pressure,” Bada enthused.

He advised motorists to check their vehicle’s recommended tyre pressure and for others they know.