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Lagos Partners Safety Consultants To Enforce Safety In Organisations

  • August 8, 2016
  • Comments Off on Lagos Partners Safety Consultants To Enforce Safety In Organisations
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  •  Professionals must be accredited by Safety Commission to practice in Lagos  – Fouad Oki

The Lagos State Safety Commission on Tuesday, 19th of July 2016 sought the collaboration of safety consultants registered in the state to inspect and ensure that facilities are actualizing set safety policies.
Disclosing this at an emergency meeting held with the consultants at the state secretariat, Alausa, the Director General, Lagos State Safety Commission, Hon. Fouad Oki stated that the move is aimed at ensuring all organizations in every sector in the state keep up to safety standards.

Fouad said that though Lagos State did not have a full purse, the job of safety must continue in reducing the risks of safety hazards.
While making reference to the many ills of safety hazards that would have been prevented in many facilities, Fouad stated that safety consultants needed to cooperate with the government to inspect and ensure that facilities are actualizing set safety policies.

“There is no money, but safety job must continue. We are going to start involving you (safety consultants) in our routine inspection in all sectors. We will never be able to do much if we don’t come together. Let’s see how far we can go with more hands on ground.
“We must ensure safety compliance in the different safety sectors that we have.

Ranging from food safety, to event safety, to school safety and others, you will consult these facilities backed by the LSSC, under the companies you’ll be introduced to. If facilities in whatever sector meet safety measures, it will be issued a certificate of compliance,” Fouad said.

The tasks, which include carrying out safety inspections in all corporations in the State and the issuance of safety compliance certificates, are aimed at ensuring that corporations in all sectors keep up to safety standards.
Stating some of LSSC achievements, he said, “When we started, safety compliance on the Island was zero. Now, it has gone up to 30-34 percent. I have taken it on my stride to be a terrorist on the matter of safety compliance and with you on the saddle, we’ll move on. By 2018, I believe safety standard in Lagos State will be a one to be reckoned with.”

The DG however stated that any individual or company practicing safety in Lagos must be registered with Lagos State Safety Commission (LSSC).
Fouad reiterated that LSSC was in charge of safety in Lagos State, stressing that this was its domain with laws backing it.
To practice freely, “you must be accredited with the Lagos State Safety Commission. You should get a kit of response that says go ahead,” Fouad warned.

Disclosing the attitude he met when he came in, he said, “When we came in, many safety companies did not file in their annual report in what they were doing. Do you not feel it a burden on your side not to submit an annual report?”
Reacting to this, safety consultants have said that they will give LSSC the full support.

Speaking to a safety consultant, Dr. Wale Adeboje, he said that the safety commission has taken the right move for the benefit of all.
“I think it’s a good thing that the Safety Commission is doing. The models are very clear and I think we are really looking forward to working with the safety commission,” he said.

Stating the objective, Adeboje said, “The objective is for the Safety Commission to work with safety consultants to inspect facilities in the State. If the inspected facilities don’t meet up with the safety standards, consultants will be called upon to work with the organizations in order to meet the full requirements.

“A consultant will go to the facilities and inspect on behalf of the safety commission but the commission will not make payments for that. At the end of the day, if the company meets the required standards, then a safety compliance certificate will be issued to them. But if not, the company has the privilege of meeting with consultants that will give them a right guide to meet with the standard,” Adeboje said, described the model.

An event safety consultant, Mrs. Tenidade Eboda, said that by meeting with safety consultants, the government had displayed readiness to ensure the protection of lives and properties of citizens in the state.
Eboda said, “By involving the stakeholders, the government will be able to leverage on them in all sectors and also be able to spread their tentacles in all organizations in other to determine organizations that lacked safety parameters.”

As regards the payment of consultants, Eboda noted that the government would take the right decision to ensure that everyone gains.
She said, “In as much as we are business men and women, I think with the different contributions we have made, the government will take the right decision so that at the end of the day, it will be a win situation. The society will be much better and the government will be able to enforce safety standards and safety consultants will also earn.”

Safety Expert, Mrs. Deby Windele, commended the DG for being committed to achieving great things in the safety industry adding that safety consultants would give him all the support to ensure a safe Lagos.
Another safety consultant, name withheld, said that it was a welcome decision.

According to him, “We have been looking forward to this. We are now partners but we are waiting for the documents to come to confirm that we are partners. Then we will now begin to enforce. Safety is all about enforcement. In terms of the payment, it’s a good thing. At least a token will be paid.”