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HSE Supervision and Personality Assessment: A Behavioural Foundation to Safer Workplaces

  • April 11, 2016
  • Comments Off on HSE Supervision and Personality Assessment: A Behavioural Foundation to Safer Workplaces

Sigmund Freud was among those philosophers who did extensive amount of work in the study of the personality; propounding theories which depicted the various complexities of the human personality.
He propounded that man is made up of three unique personalities: the Id, the ego and the super ego. It is also believed in Christianity that since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, his weaknesses have got the better of him, leaving so many lapses in human behaviour. The religion believes that there is a perpetual war in the human personality between the flesh which are the yearnings and aspirations of the body and the spirit which is the connecting point with the almighty God, stating that due to this constant struggle, there is a divide which increases imperfection in the spiritual being having a human experience on earth`.
We set out in this piece to assist safety supervisors achieve the best possible safety compliance on sites and offices by first understanding what goes on in the heads of the human beings they work with and for while establishing the difference between talking to the man and supervising the colleague.

Supervising for Safety Excellence: the dilemma

When people set out to work, they do so because of a deep need to make money and satisfy their wants and those of their families; the instinct that compels the supervisor to ensure that employees comply is the same one that propels the employee to do his job to the best of his ability so as to be able to bring in the much valued livelihood.
It directly follows that for the supervisor to continue to earn his wage, he has to get employees to comply by any means while the employee owes him a responsibility to allow himself to be seen to comply.