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Gas Powered Generator Invention and Safety Concerns

  • July 1, 2016
  • Comments Off on Gas Powered Generator Invention and Safety Concerns
Gas Powered Generator - Safety Record Newspaper
…Who Will Protect the Consumers?

With the high cost of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) otherwise known as petrol, comes inventions to reduce the cost of domestic consumption of petrol to generate alternative power. Of note is the newly introduced Gas Cylinder powered generating set to generate electricity. Concerned citizens are calling on the authorities to investigate the newly introduced alternative power products and certify
it safe for domestic use, writes Paul Mbagwu

Misfortunes resulting from use of alternative energy supply (domestic generator explosions,) that can kill many, would escalate as all forms of inventions are spiraling all over in an attempt at producing alternative sources of power supply in the country.
This development, which has been accompanied by its exceptional loss of properties worth billions of naira, because of the problem of insufficient energy supply from the national grid, has left individuals and organizations with no choice than to provide their source of energy for their homes and businesses, as well as to the doom the explosion brings on the social and economic lives of many when carelessly managed.

These inventions to cut down the cost from use of petrol has began to flood the market as importers are introducing such alternatives to petrol use to solar panel equipments, inverters, and of recent gas cylinder powered generator sets.

It may be recalled that several deaths have been recorded as a result of wrong use of the generator set.
Last year, a celebrity Journalist and publisher of Bravo Weekly Magazine Mr. Victor Dada Eriye, was killed by generator explosion in Lagos.

He later died of cardiac arrest, as a result of the complications from the domestic accident at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital having suffered a first degree burn.
Eriye, was on the night of Saturday, 14 February 2015 at about 11.30 pm refueling his generator when the generating set exploded.
Sometime in October 2015, a woman and her seven-year-old daughter were reported to have been killed by a generator fire which also razed their apartment in Cross Rivers State.

The incident which razed down a twin flat building occurred when the deceased husband, Mr. Lawrence, asked his boy to start the generator and warm it properly since it had been long they used it. So they bought the fuel and filled it in. Immediately they started the generator, it exploded.

The explosion is said to have set off other generators belonging to the deceased, and also that of the occupants of the twin flat which were all lined up at the backyard and walled in by burglary proof.
Occupants of the twin flat were said to have fled upon sighting the fire, but the deceased and her daughter were reported to have been trapped inside their own apartment as the doors and windows apparently were shut in the heat of the flames.

The incident occurred at about 8:45 pm on Wednesday; the husband, Mr. Lawrence, and his brother-in-law sustained burns and were hospitalized following the accident.
In another avoidable incident, a 65-year-old transporter and his two daughters were killed in Somolu, Lagos, when their generator exploded and caught fire.

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