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Joy Ikems

Fashion encompasses the processes and products aimed at achieving a cool and hip look, comfortability and inner self-expression. But in recent times, immodesty in the fashion sense of today’s youths is on the increase. Even little children are caught in the act because their parents see fashion as a different ball game entirely and tend to adorn them in that manner.

A lot of people are affected by celebrities and models, who they view as role models. It must be noted that there are different fashion dresses for different occasions. Many spend heavily buying clothes weekly, monthly, or annually as the case may be for fashion shows and exhibitions from shopping malls, designer boutiques and the likes. Yet, nobody complements their fashion style.

If there’s a challenge in color combinations or knowing the right dress to wear, there are lots of fashion documentaries that can help. For instance, “What Not To Wear” is a fashion documentary that’s very good for youths, children and parents because it discusses real-life scenarios and provides factual recommendations that help one dress rightly to one’s shape and size. Knowing all of these, one should try as much as possible not to dress with wardrobe malfunction.

For the ladies, most especially because we want to outshine our fellow ladies, we start by adding lots of fashion boosters which are injurious to health. Men are usually not on the high side when we talk of fashion hazard, but in recent times you see them with artificial pink lips, tattoos and so on.

Harmful eyelashes
false eyelashes


  1. False eye lashes: Eye lashes are the hairs that grow at the edge of the eyelid. Eyelashes protect the eyes from debris and other foreign elements that can harm them. All women want long, full and thick eyelashes. Since it appears the best way to become a lot more attractive, ladies fix the artificial eye lashes to make the natural lashes very full. Using false/fake lashes, they believe, is by far the easiest and cheapest way to achieve this much-desired look. The problem is the side effects of having false lashes.
  2. Allergic and adverse reactions: the false lashes or other materials used to attach the lashes can cause adverse reactions to the skin and eyes. Even the slightest eye irritation can cause eye damage and can sometimes cause loss of sight.

There are numerous cases where the adhesive used to attach the fake lashes caused allergic reactions that made the eyelid swell and caused redness of the eyes.

  1. Hygiene risk: the fake lashes do trap dirt and bacteria. These harmful particles usually cause irritation to the eyes.
  2. Infection: this is the most dangerous of all the side effects of having false lashes, as infection may result to blindness. The extra pressure caused by the false lashes on the natural lashes can also cause damage to the hair follicles, stopping eye lashes growth temporarily or permanently.


  1. false nails
    false nails

    Long artificial nails: Long/artificial nails make the finger beautiful but can also harbor germs and invite bacteria if there is no proper care. Most of us know how to wash our hands frequently with hot soapy water after using the toilet for instance, but have you ever wondered what might be hiding underneath your finger nails in those hard to reach areas even after you have washed?

  2. Artificial long nails can be an open invitation to diseases and other health problems because it’s a perfect breeding atmosphere for germs
  3. You have to constantly worry about maintaining your nails to avoid accidentally hurting yourself with your nails or scratching your skin


  1. Artificial pink lips: The chemicals used for preparing the artificial pink-lip concoctions can cause cancer and a lot of damage as time goes on.
  2. Dirty needles if used can pass infection to the person
  3. We have seen cases where artificial pink lips cream starts bleaching the upper and lower part of one’s mouth and the person will be an albino around that side alone, making the face irritating.


  1. Tattoo

    Tattoos: dirty needles can pass infections like hepatitis and HIV from one person to another. It could also lead to:

  2. Allergies – allergies to various ink pigments in both permanent and temporary tattoos have been reported and can cause problems.
  3. Scarring – unwanted scar tissue may form when getting or removing a tattoo.