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Factors to Consider When Leaving Children at Home Alone in Nigeria

  • March 21, 2016
  • Comments Off on Factors to Consider When Leaving Children at Home Alone in Nigeria
Children Home Alone Source:
Children Home Alone Source:

Leaving children at home is unavoidable. Whether it’s an event or any social function, work or an important meeting, at one point or the other, you will have to leave your children at home in the course of raising them.

However, if we are going to do this, there are certain factors we need to put into consideration, they include:

Maturity of the child: According to Wikipedia, a child is any person below the age of 18. So parents should be conscious of this, before they allow their children to be at home alone. They should think twice, ensuring that they have come of age and can handle some responsibilities all by themselves at home.

Unexpected circumstances: An unexpected circumstance is an unscheduled/ unforeseen event or incident that may occur to the children when they are home alone. Since they are below the age of 18 and likely to be easily exposed to harm, they should be made to know what easy access they have as escape routes out of the house when they encounter danger.

Children response to emergency: Educating children on how to respond to emergency when leaving them home should be the sole responsibility of the parent. However children within 18year should be fully aware of the emergency toll free lines in Nigeria. The toll free emergency lines which are 112, 727 should be given to the child to call for quick response; a neighbour’s telephone number or that of the parent can be inscribed somewhere or saved on the telephone and made handy to them. They should be armed with First aid knowledge and the materials should be kept for easy accessibility.