Environmentalist calls for partnership in addressing emerging environmental issues


An Lagos-based Environmentalist, Mr Ifeanyi Ochonogor, has called on Nigerians to partner with efforts to address emerging environmental and health problems caused by improper e-waste management.

Ochonogor, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of E-Terra Technologies, made the call at a news conference in Lagos on Saturday.

According to him, most often, e-waste is not properly handled by trained personnel with efficient machinery, capable of containing its numerous toxic components.

“This results in severe environmental issues in the form of air pollution, groundwater contamination, food pollution and nationwide ecological adulteration.

“The cumulative effect and menace of improper storage and disposal of e-waste in terms of health, environmental and confidential data breach is becoming too serious to be ignored.

“It is, therefore, our clarion call to all Nigerians to partner with our pioneering efforts to address the worsening environmental problems caused by improper waste management in the country,’’ Ochonogor said.

He said that due to the seriousness of the e-waste crisis, E-Terra has deemed it necessary to adopt monthly community engagement campaigns on the issue.

The expert said that the campaigns would increase e-waste awareness in our communities and neighbourhoods, and also elaborate the toxicity of e-waste, including the much-needed training and development of informal handlers of electronic waste.

He said the campaigns will also create awareness on the problem of improper handling and disposal of e-waste and help to develop the nation’s informal sector on e-waste management.

Ochonogor said the collaboration would also build an ecosystem of stakeholders comprising government, academia, policy makers and the public to develop a framework for sustainable partnership in tackling the e-waste crisis in the country.


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