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Environmentalist calls for enforcement of laws to curb air pollution

air pollution

An environmentalist, Mr Gafar Odubote, has called for the enforcement of environmental laws by regulatory agencies to curb the growing air pollution in Lagos State.

Odubote, a top manager at Let’s do It Nigeria, an environmental NGO, made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Lagos.

The expert said there were various sources of air pollution in the state and called on the regulatory agencies to step up their activities.

“In Lagos, the major cause of air pollution is from vehicular exhaust fumes, refuse burning and industrial activities across the state.

“The carbon produced from the exhaust fumes of vehicles on Lagos roads has a negative ripple effect on climate change.

“In terms of regulation, most of these government agencies are not living up to their task. They register some vehicles that are not roadworthy and in turn increase the level air pollution in the state.

“Curtailing the growing air pollution in the state has more to do with enforcement of regulations.

“The National Environmental Standards and Regulatory Enforcement Agency (NESREA) should step up in its regulatory efforts by enforcing environmental laws that would protect the state from the increasing air pollution we witness daily,” he said.

Odubote also tasked the government on its responsibility in keeping off Lagos roads vehicles with faulty exhaust fumes.

“Most of these vehicles have really bad engines and continue to emit harmful carbon in the atmosphere.

“The government should keep themselves accountable and ensure that such vehicles do not ply our roads.

“The Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) in Lagos state was responsible for taking off the roads vehicles with excess exhaust fumes, but they are presently off the roads,” Odubote said.

The expert said that sensitisation and advocacy are key in curbing the growing air pollution in the state and in protecting the environment.

“Sensitisation and advocacy are key so that people can really know the effect of air pollution as it affects our health and the ecosystem in general.

“Every sector of the society has to brace up in the fight against plastic pollution, because of the effect it has on the ozone layer.

“Most air pollution we have in the state are man-made and each causes more havoc than the other. People should be held responsible for the air pollution they cause in the environment.

“NESREA should also increase its level of advocacy as an international environmental standard regulation agency.

“There are so many environmental laws in Nigeria, but most Nigerians are not aware of these laws, hence they flout them easily.

“They should enforce these environmental laws as provided by the law and place sanctions where necessary,” he said.

Odubote, however, said that everybody had a role to play in curtailing air pollution in the state.

“The government, stakeholders, civil societies and even private individuals should play their roles,” he said. (NAN)

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