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Christmas Holiday Safety Tips

Christmas shopping

With the holidays upon us and Christmas just around the corner, the need to recap a few crime prevention tips as part of our ongoing commitment to keep our readers safe always comes handy. Working together, we can make this Christmas holiday even better that what we had last season.

When Shopping:

Always be alert and aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to who is around you and what is going on. Do not leave a building or your vehicle until you have ensured all is secure and safe. Take 60 seconds to drive around those parking lots and look for anything out of the ordinary or suspicious before you pull into that closest parking space. Trust your instinct- if you feel uncomfortable with a place or person, leave the area immediately. If something looks suspicious to you, that’s probably because it is.

Call the police or security!! We all know to call the 112 or 767 in case of an emergency (this is for Lagos, try to know that of your city), but what if you need the police in a non-emergency situation? What if you see something suspicious that might not qualify as an emergency and want to report it? Do you know who to report to? The best way out is to look for the departmental store security posts or agent available to relay your suspicion to.