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Safety on Wheels

Religious organisations and road safety education

December 6, 2015

The World Health Organisation Reports revealed that about 1.4 million deaths and over 50 million injuries are attributed to road accidents every year globally with most of them occurring in African Countries (including Nigeria). Nigeria was recently ranked as the third country with the highest rate of accidents and fatalities among 193 countries and thereby […]

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Traffic Regulation and Passengers’ Safety

December 6, 2015

In climes where law reigns supreme and lives treasured, effective traffic regulation and passengers’ right to comfort is the order of the day. All road users if not all citizens are at home with the traffic laws. These laws are clearly spelt out and a dividing line drawn between the functions of various kinds of […]

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June 2, 2015

There was a time in the world when children were loved, truly cared for, appreciated and thus considered as leaders of tomorrow; the child was well nurtured , protected, instructed and cherished to meet the task of leadership ahead.

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Stopping Distance: Keeping a safe distance Behind other vehicles

January 8, 2015

Most rear end collisions are caused by drivers following too closely behind the vehicle travelling in front of them.The gap between your vehicle and the vehicle in front is known as the ‘following distance’.Maintaining a safe following distance gives you sufficient time to react to emergency situations. The safe following distance will vary with your […]

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