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First Aid Knowledge of the Month

Self CPR: Fact Or Hoax - Safety Record Newspaper

Self CPR: Fact Or Hoax

August 16, 2016

I have come across some article circulating all over the internet (too many times) about how people can help themselves if they are suffering a heart attack. The technique: Coughing and deep breathing every two seconds otherwise known as Self CPR. The article has started spreading again lately especially as news of the autopsy report […]

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Reducing the Risk of Death from Chest Pain and Heart Attack through First Aid

July 9, 2016

Akinfosile Dare Joseph A shocking news of the death of a Nigerian football great strikes again! The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Technical Director, Amodu Shaibu died at the age of 58 on Saturday morning, 10 June 2016. His death came just three days after the death of former coach of the Super Eagles of Nigeria, […]

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