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Ergonomics Standards

August 3, 2017

  The Phrase “ISO standards” is generally used in conversations by safety professionals. However, the knowledge and understanding of its creation is not fully understood by many. We generally reference standards as recommendation without understanding the true relevance and application. Perhaps we may ask ourselves, are this standards truly peculiar to Nigeria? This month’s write-up […]

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Vehicle and Driver Ergonomics

July 6, 2017

  Fig 1 The comfort and functional utility of a vehicle depends on its physical design in relation to the physical structure, biomechanics of the human body and mental disposition. Drivers interact with various elements in the vehicle (chairs and control panels) which may be harmful if performed or used wrongly. Due to human variability, […]

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Ergonomics — Manual handling of people in the healthcare sector

June 1, 2017

    Safety in the healthcare sector is a complex one. Rather than just thinking of the health and safety of patients, it is equally pertinent we pay  attention to safety of healthcare workers. This month’s write-up will focus on patients handling task and ergonomics approach to management.   A systematic review of patient handling […]

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Assessing Total Job Demands … An Ergonomics Approach

March 8, 2017

  Ergonomics is the “scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theoretical principles, data and methods to design in order to optimise human wellbeing and overall system performance”   Ergonomics should be an integral part of effective risk control. ‘People’ are […]

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Anthropometry – A dataset for safety!

January 15, 2017

            It is derived from the Greek word Anthropos – “Man” and Metron – “Measurement”. It is a branch of anthropology that involves the quantitative measurement of the human body. There have been several definitions of Anthropometry over the years. However, the definition by Pheasant and Haslegrave (2006) speaks it […]

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