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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Learning without Pains: How Sitting Affects Learning

Considering the type of seats and sitting arrangements constructed for classrooms in our schools, could we boast of giving our students a good education they deserve, irrespective of the quality of teachers and aesthetics of the institutions? In the classroom, due to the designs of the seats, we have the sights of students sit in thousands of different positions. They...

Sitting Disease: The Slow, Silent and Sedentary Killer of the Nigerian Workforce

An average Nigerian worker spends a total of about 10 hours sitting each day, and may be at risk of the ‘Sitting Disease’. And if you are like the 51 million Nigerian workers, you sit all day for your job. Add to that the time you spend sitting in traffic to and from work; on the couch after work...

6 Dreadful Things That Can Happen When You Wear Heels Too Much

Watching ladies walk around in high-heels fascinates me a lot. It’s a mixture of terror and awe when among many views I get drawn to a lady wiggling away, gracefully, treading in spiked heels. I often wonder if they don’t stress out their ankles, sprain it, or ever get to damage their legs. It’s always amazing. For women, a pair...