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 BCPG insists on compliance to standards in construction industry

BCPG speaks on building collapse in Nigeria

Pressed by the need to sustain reduction in building collapse, the Building Collapsed Prevention Guild (BCPG), Lagos Chapter, has called for strict enforcement of standards in the construction sector.

The Chairman of the guild, Mr Yinka Ogunseye, made the call on Tuesday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

Ogunseye said it was observed that some operators in the built environment rarely obey the rules, codes and conducts governing the profession.

“In an organised society where citizens naturally obey the laws that govern their conduct, building collapse is seen as an aberration.

“But in a society where the simplest evidence of a disregard to law, despite provision for specifications, there is a need for concern.

“Some professionals are obviously cutting corners with the use of substandard products. This is highly unacceptable and must be nipped in the bud,” he said.

According to him, one of the unique achievements of BCPG is that it has succeeded in dousing the unhealthy rivalries and discrimination among the Nigerian built environment professionals.

He said that the guild had created a platform where construction professionals have learnt to work through the BCPG cell/grassroots model.

Ogunseye said that BCPG’s collaboration with the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, Lagos State Safety Commission and other bodies should be strengthened.

He noted that the main objective of the association for the collaborations was not for immediate pecuniary gains, but for the promotion of standard construction in Nigeria to save lives.

Ogunseye said the guild would continue to monitor the construction sites to detect non-compliance to standards, codes and conducts and report same to the responsible authorities for necessary actions.

He decried lack of compliance to the construction standards as reported by BCPG to the responsible authorities.

“One of the challenges in this move for humanitarian services is that sometimes, the parastatal/authorities think that BCPG is encroaching on their jobs.

“We are not encroaching on anybody’s job. BCPG is a non-governmental organisation concerned about saving human lives.

“Sometimes when a site is reported for substandard construction, the authority concerned may put a signboard to stop work at the site.

“But after some days it will be observed that work have resumed on same site without adherence to standard,’’ Ogunseye said.

He added that BCPG currently collaborate with the Lagos State Safety Commission in training the building artisans on construction site safety measures/applications.

The training, which Ogunseye said would be a continuous quarterly programme, was also targeted at improving competence of the artisans.

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