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3 things to consider while driving at night

  • April 28, 2016
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Driving is a profession or an activity that requires undivided attention. Many lives had been lost and many bedridden because of one accident or the other that have occurred out of carelessness and lack of concentration while driving. Below are three things to consider on the wheel, while driving at night.
After dark driving requires different skills and extra care for safe travel – These are the things you should do:
1. Lower your headlight beams when within 500 meters of an approaching vehicle. Even if the other driver does not lower his beams, it is safer to keep your beams lowered and drive with due care.
2. Ensure to lower your headlight beams when following another vehicle within 200 meter.
3. Avoid looking directly into the light of an upcoming vehicle; endeavour to watch the right hand edge of the road.