A doctor, Dr. Nonso Egemba, has revealed that there is a possibility that a lady will get pregnant even if a man pulls out at the point of climax.

In a series of tweets Wednesday, Egemba popularly known as Doctor Aproko on Twitter, narrated his encounter with a lady who explained how she got pregnant even after her boyfriend pulled out before climax.

Narrating his encounter, the doctor explained that the young lady came to him asking if it was possible to get pregnant if the guy pulled out.

“I could see in her eyes that she was honest and really wanted to know.

“She told me that a guy she had been seeing had sex with her and she saw him pull out and spill the semen on the floor. They cleaned up and that was it.

“Now, here was the problem, she missed her period the next month. She had never missed her period before and became scared.

“She approached the guy in question and he rejected it saying he was not responsible because she was present when he spilled the semen on the floor,” he said.

Egemba disclosed that a lot of people failed to realise that the ‘pull out’ method can fail anytime, explaining that before ejaculation, there is a period of pre-ejaculation or precum, which can also lead to pregnancy.

He stated that ordinarily, the precum will not contain any sperm but it could contain sperm in some cases.

“Precum will not ordinarily contain sperm but studies have shown that in about 40 percent of men, it was found to have sperm.

“If a lady happens to be in her ovulation period at the time and comes in contact with this, there is the likelihood that she is going to get pregnant.

“Most guys will not know when this pre-ejaculation leaks,” he said.

He advised that women should use contraceptives within 24 to 72 hours after unprotected sex to reduce the chances of pregnancy in such situations.

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