United States aviation regulators, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), on Wednesday, arrived at the conclusion that regulators permitted the first Boeing 737 Max plane to continue flying despite discovering a high likelihood of future crashes.

This follows an internal FAA analysis into the first Boeing air crash in Indonesia.

The November 2018 internal review established that the 737 Max plane had a high possibility to crash every two to three years if it did not undergo design changes.

The assessment, therefore, called into question the rationale behind the initial certification of the 737 Max.

While a Lion Air Flight 610 first crashed in Indonesia, the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed about five months later. Both flights involved a 737 Max.

The FAA reckoned that of the Boeing models, the Max was the most accident-prone.

Following the Indonesian and Ethiopian crashes which killed 346 people, the 737 Max was grounded in March this year.

Boeing was forced to make major changes as to how its on-board flight computer functions after further investigations found potential safety concerns regarding the plane.

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