A scientist and the Programme Officer of the Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB) in Nigeria, Dr Francis Nwankwo, has declared Genetically Modified (GM) beans safe for consumption.

The scientist said this while speaking to newsmen in Jos on Thursday, August 1.

Nwankwo said that contrary to people’s opinions, GM beans had no killer gene, are not harmful and were even safer for consumption than the normal beans.

“The GM beans have no killer gene in it and it isn’t harmful or poisonous, to humans and animals,” he said.

He pointed out that while farmers apply pesticides to the conventional beans five to ten times within a planting season to check pod borer insects, pesticides are only applied twice to GM beans within a farming season.

Nwankwo noted that more harm results from the residues of the pesticides applied to the conventional beans.

The scientist also pointed out that the pesticide spray, if often done, poses a threat to even the farmers.

He stressed that GM beans was safer for consumption as it contained far less remnants of these pesticides.

Also, Nwankwo stated that GM beans did not vary in taste from the regular beans.

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