suicide gun
suicide gun

A worker, Amos Mboni, has shot himself to death after his employers failed to pay his salary for four months.

The 56-year-old Zimbabwean man was working as a security guard manning Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) offices in Bulawayo when he shot himself three times with a revolver provided by the organisation.

The incident occurred at his work station located at Zimra yard at the corner of Fort Street and 8th Avenue in Njube, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

The Chronicle quoted Bulawayo acting police spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube as saying that Mboni shot himself twice in the left nipple area and the third in the collar bone.

One of Mboni’s daughters, who preferred anonymity, said, “It’s so unbelievable that my father shot himself.

“My father left home depressed because he had not been paid for almost four months at his workplace.

“I was the one who was now working and fending for the family and it was stressing him. The landlord would ask him for money for rent every day but he didn’t have it.”

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