Capt. Muhtar Usman

The Director-General of The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Capt. Muhtar Usman disclosed that the NCAA has implemented 29 of the 37 safety recommendations handed down to them by the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB)

Usman, in a chat with pressmen after the conclusion of the AIB stakeholder’s forum, revealed that the NCAA had expressed to the AIB, the reasons why a number of recommendations were not implemented.

Of the 37 recommendations handed down to the Authority, 29 were implemented and the D.G explained why some others were not implemented, saying:

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“There are rules to making safety recommendations. Safety recommendations are meant to address specific concerns. Sometimes active, sometimes proactive, but they have to be implementable.

“There are some that are not implementable. Anywhere that we do not have that kind of disagreement, we sit down with AIB and make them see reasons that make them not implementable”.

In all, the Director General of the Authority patted the AIB on the back for issuing safety recommendations that “has led to the development of new and amendment of existing procedures, amendment of regulatory requirements; and the strengthening of NCAA’S SAFETY oversight obligations”.

He concluded by saying that: “The authority had also reviewed and analysed several observations and conclusions in the draft and final reports and had afterward issued all operators letters to address certain safety issues, re-issued documents and heightened its surveillance on certain approved entities”.

“So, the issuance of safety recommendations and their appropriate implementation by the Authority is invaluable to the functions of the Authority.

“The NCAA is progressively ensuring the implementation of its responsibility with respect to enforcing compliance by relevant stakeholders with the AIB safety recommendations.

“The current procedures to assure the above include the distribution of the safety recommendations to the appropriate technical directorates with oversight responsibilities on the concerned certified entities, requiring their accomplishment with supporting evidence and thereafter providing reports to the office of the Director-General for documentation and records”.

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