The Deputy Director, World Safety Organisation (WSO) Nigeria Office, Dr Okunola Olusola, has warned against carrying of heavy loads and improper lifting of objects.

According to the safety expert, carrying of heavy loads can overstrain neck and joint ligaments at old age and improper lifting of objects can strain the spine.

Olusola gave the warning in a chat with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Wednesday, March 6.

He disclosed that those that are unable to bear the load’s weight take stimulants like tramadol in the belief that such stimulants protect their bone and spine.

“But they do not know that stimulant does not protect the bone and spine,” he said.

“As they age, the degenerative effect of those weight on the bone, spine, ankle, waist begin to obviously come up.

“For the men, their hormone, that is, the testosterone and the estrogen begin to come down showing signs of tiredness and injury from overload.

“Likewise the hormone effect for the women begin to reduce because of menopause.

“All these happen because the bones at every joint had suffered pressures, hence, the manifestation of the wounds.

“For as long as the person grow older and the hormone level drops, so will the pains stay.”

Olusola explained that if a person must convey a heavy load, he must do so either in bits, with the help another individual or with the use of lifting equipment like a wheelbarrow.

He further explained that there are techniques for bending down to lift an object.

The WSO Deputy Director urged people to ensure their back were erect and not bent whenever they intended to lift an object.

According to him, doing so will cause less pain to the spine.

Olusola urged organisations employing the services of labourers to do strenuous work to train them on proper lifting techniques.

“If a man is weighing 70kg, that person has no business carrying a 50kg load because it’s going to put pressure on him,” he noted.

“By the time he is 50 years, he will be in pains instead of enjoying his old age.

“Likewise, women, as they bend to lift the load and put on their head, the pressure on their neck and the vertebral column now increases.

“When they grow older, they will be needing neck collar to support the neck because the bones are collapsing.”

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