Estranged Registrar of the Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON), Mr Benson Adam-Otite has vowed to call for a peace meeting if a suit instituted at the Port Harcourt Division of the Federal High Court is resolved in his favour.

Adam-Otite is currently locked in a battle with the Dr Nnamdi Ilodiuba-led factional leadership over control of the administrative structure of the institute.

A suit he instituted at the Federal High Court, Ikoyi, Lagos was dismissed on Friday, January 18.

Asked how he would treat the other faction of the institute if he emerged victorious after all the legal tussle, Adam-Otite said, “I’d call for peace. The institute does not belong to an individual.

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“When the first case (in which) they took me to court before for calling for peace meeting was decided in Lagos that I have the power to call for a meeting, I called all of them that we can now meet and resolve out of court. That was from the very beginning.

“I told them I’m not interested in the court case but because they have their ulterior motive to hang on to power, they insisted and they went to court. They are giving the impression that I am the one who went to court whereas they’re the ones who went to court.

“It’s Iwuagwu that signed as a deponent in the court. Nobody is hearing that one. Iwuagwu and (Dominic) Aigbogun are the people who signed as deponents.

“Nnamdi Ilodiuba does not sign any document, pretending as if he doesn’t know anything; that they are pushing him. But he is behind all of them. So that is the true situation. If the court rules today that I’ve won or that I’m the one that should call for a meeting, I’ll call for a meeting and let there be peace.

“I am not witch-hunting anybody; I just want proper order to be followed in doing things. That is all. Even if they win and the court decides in their favour, (there’s) no problem. If they say they want to take over the institute, no problem. Let them go ahead. I joined the institute before all of them.

“Iwuagwu was in my class, so he cannot tell me that a student can be bigger than the teacher. I joined the institute in 1996 and they joined in 2006, 10 years after. So that is the situation. I am not struggling (for control of) the institute with anybody but I just want proper order to be followed.”

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