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I Show People How to Make Their Everyday Personal and Business Life Much Safer – Ugochi Obidiegwu, The Safety Chic

  • May 4, 2017
  • Comments Off on I Show People How to Make Their Everyday Personal and Business Life Much Safer – Ugochi Obidiegwu, The Safety Chic



On the course of our Job, we happened on The Safety Chic, and we became curious to know what it is about? What is The Safety Chic all about and the person behind it?

The Safety Chic is a brand that came about because of trying to re-orientate the society on safety awareness. My name is Ugochi Obidiegwu, and I am the one behind The Safety Chic brand. I wanted to come up with a name that is catchy and when people see it they know what it stands for and also something about me. Chic has always been attached to my name – Ugochi, the last three letters (chi) which I was able to rebrand and come up with The Safety Chic. When anyone hears about The Safety Chic, you know that this person has something to do with safety and of course it’s a Chic (laughs).

Okay! What do you do?

I show people how to make their everyday personal and business life much safer. Simply, that’s what I do. I found out that in this part of the world we would rather say, “God forbid” and “not my portion” instead of putting necessary practical systems in place to protect ourselves. But we can no longer continue like that; we see people die, we see people have illnesses, lose businesses to accidents that could have been avoided just if there was more information. This is why I started a system of information using my various social media platforms to ensure that I breakdown these various safety concepts so that the everyday man can understand it.

What is your background? 

I am a communication graduate from the University of Ibadan and I started working in Aviation as a cabin crew and within one year I was also made a safety officer that made me to begin to do a whole lot more in the area of safety. I took necessary certifications to prepare myself and make me a professional. You know how we say it in health and safety that you have to have the knowledge, ability, training and experience. So, I started building up myself getting necessary trainings, doing community works with different organizations, while still adding that to my duty as a cabin crew and being a safety officer in the air.

What do you intend getting personally from running The Safety Chic? 

I want every person to become more safety conscious; if that is what I achieve alone, that is fine. This is because it means we are growing a generation of people that are more knowledgeable. If today’s children are trained on safety knowledge, they learn these things, it means we engraving the safety consciousness in them. Tomorrow, whether they become employers or employees, they would become more safety conscious wherever they find themselves.

For instance, when there are rules like, turn off electrical appliances when not in use, put on a helmet, etc., they will comply easily because they have been doing it all their lives. Nobody would have to be forcing them. This is because that safety consciousness is embedded in them and they take it into their future. Most of the habits we take into our adulthood are things we got when we were children. Taking efforts to do these means we are taking care of our future. Whether we like it or not, we are affected by the choices of others, either directly or indirectly. We need to encourage this knowledge to spread so that more people would get to know about it and become safety conscious.

How do you carry out your awareness of Safety consciousness? How do you go about it?

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