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Road Safety Enforcement… (1)

Road safety enforcement

“The healthy exchange of thoughts and concepts breeds thorough analysis of contemporary law enforcement issues and techniques and invokes beneficial change” – Connie L. Patrick

Welcome dear readers to September! Connie’s quote is very apt in this month’s edition and subsequent discuss on the subject of law enforcement. I hope we gain proper perspective to law enforcement with a view to invoke a beneficial change in our society.

There is no society that enjoys tranquility without law and order. Everyone wants freedom, however, freedom without boundary could lead to chaos. It is on this note that laws and regulations are fomulated to guide and encourage peaceful coexistence and interaction of humans.

Violation of these laws and regulations attract different penalties: fines, imprisonment and measures as prescribed in the law.
Enforcement is a credible administrative tool that drives legislative compliance, demonstrate the seriousness an institution/government attach to the process of attaining civilization with measures to regulate excesses and abuse of procedures.

Road safety enforcement is therefore one of Road Safety Management Systems, it seeks to mandate adherence to laws and regulation as it applies to the use of the road, minimum safety gadgets, driver licencing and condition of your vehicles to ensure they are road worthy and do not constitute any threat on our road or increase the risk of commuting.

There are agencies of government at different levels; Federal, States and Local empowered to enforce road safety, environment or civil related laws. The question we would attempt to answer in the future is if these agencies in most cases with parallel and overlapping functions complement or compete with one another and in whose interest.

Several other efforts among which is enlightenment is being employed over the years to educate and create public awareness at different levels to achieving a cumulative effect on safe motoring. Across the world, so little result can be achieved without enforcement.

It, however, will be interesting to consider if indeed we have been utilizing this tool credibly, if results are truly invoking beneficial changes, if changes are real, sustainable or a fluke, are our approaches yielding appropriate values for the effort? Should we consider changing the way we want the changes we expect?

Are the laws any more relevant in some circumstances or require reviews? Let me live us with a quote to ponder.
“Rights may be universal but their enforcement must be local” …Murray Rothbard
Be safe and stay alive!

Samuel Akinfe is the MD/CEO and Chief Instructor at Steerite driving school