How Nigeria’s first Materials Recovery Facility is Protecting Workers and the Environment

Mrs. Lola Oresanwo is the Chief Operating Officer of WestAfricaENRG, owner-operator of Nigeria’s first Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) located in Alimosho, Lagos. In this interview with Safety Record Newspaper’s John Ogunsemore and Waheed Akinyemi, she talks about the company’s occupational safety and health and community affairs efforts. Excerpt.   First of all, what is WestAfricaENRG […]

Workers around the globe demand Lafarge and Holcim improve occupational safety

28 April 2015 The two cement giants have announced a mega-merger to be completed by mid 2015. As main shareholders of the colossal cement company are likely to start counting profit margins the rights of the workers, who create these profits, are disregarded. The death toll is unjustifiably high. Both Lafarge and Holcim must address […]