Safety and the Soul of an Organisation: Imperatives for Economic Potency (2)

Julius Akpong Classifications for Organisational Souls In the marketplace, there are first of all wandering souls in competition. The actions of staff, the collective intelligence of an organisation’s human resource and the degree of utilization of same is usually effectively demonstrated in the invisible but powerful publicity, my friend would say “aura” that the organisation […]

HSE Supervision and Personality Assessment: A Behavioural Foundation to Safer Workplaces

Sigmund Freud was among those philosophers who did extensive amount of work in the study of the personality; propounding theories which depicted the various complexities of the human personality. He propounded that man is made up of three unique personalities: the Id, the ego and the super ego. It is also believed in Christianity that […]

Dare Akinfosile

First Aid is one of those key ingredients that add meaning to human existence – Dare Akinfosile

Dare Akinfosile is an Engineer who practices as an Operation and Health Safety Professional. His scope of work boarders around safety and health risk management; conducting First Aid training, and research. He became a member of the Red Cross Society as a teenager, and while in JSS 1 attended to his first emergency situation at […]