Accident Report (June 2016)

1) A crash occurred along Igbo-Ukwu- Ekwulobia route, Igbo-Ukwu at about 08:25hrs involving a Toyota car and motorcycle due to wrongful overtaking. 2 male adults were involved, one person was injured. He has since been taken to Apex specialist hospital for treatment 2) No fewer than ten passengers were injured on Friday May, 20 about […]

Accident report for February 2016.

1) Along Ore-Lagos road two people sustained severe injuries in a crash that involved White DAF Truck and a White Sino Truck on 17th of February 2016 at about 10:13am. The victims were taken to General Hosital, Ore. 2) The two male adults sustained injuries in a multiple crash that occurred on 17th of February, […]