We Are Very Proactive and Futuristic, We Restructure and Rebrand the Institute – Timothy Iwuagwu

Engr. Timothy Iwuagwu, is the outgoing Lagos State branch Chairman, Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON). No doubt, he has made significant impact in Lagos state since taking over the mantle of leadership in 2013. As a retired military personnel, it is believed that his days in the military  the quality discipline and management skills gained contributed a lot to his success in office as Chairman, Lagos Branch. He has lent his voice on various issues that has contributed to the progress of the institute. In this interview with Safety Record Newspaper’s correspondent, Waheed Akinyemi, he shares insight into what he has been able to achieve in office. Excerpts.

Tell us your achievements since being the Lagos Branch Chairman?

Well, over the last 30 months, we have been able to restructure and rebrand the institute. Before now, we assumed that the institute was known, but now we have been able to get the institute re-branded to the extent that people who never knew the existence of the institute have even recognized it by its logo.
Beyond branding, the institute has recorded a large number of membership induction in the last 30 months with active participation of Lagos branch members in AGMs, it was as a result of re-branding.
Media outreach has also been advanced. Before now we only have an interview on radio and television only when we were called upon. But now, we pay for air time on radio and television.
We have started having columns in newspapers and we found out that there was need for a stronger collaboration with relevant bodies and stakeholders. We established good relationship with the Society of Environmental Toxicology. We have a lot to do with institutions, the Lagos State Polytechnic and Moshood Abiola Polytechnic. We have held free trainings for over 200 NAFDAC staff, as a way of not just showing our corporate social responsibility, but also to draw them closer under the platform of collaborations.
We go extra mile to give trainings to factory inspectors. All these, is due to our desire to ensure a very firm collaboration with relevant bodies.
At the national level, the institute has experienced quantum achievements. For example, we have been able to improve the conference room by installing air conditions in all the rooms amidst other equipment. We also found out that it is not enough to have staff, it is reasonable to have staff that is knowledgeable enough. To this end, we have tried to groom our staff in line with our vision.
We have had to sack some staff that are unscrupulous in their attitude, there is need to maintain the name of the institute, because reputation is our asset.
We have kept maintaining our equipments and have even added to the value of the equipments; provision of industrial generator at the training centre and we have designed 5,000 liters storage tank for diesel. All of these are to enhance the continuity of trainings at our centre.
We have been engaged in a lot of things because we are host to ISPON national. We have played a lot of role in supporting the national secretariat in a lot of ways and all this cost money. Our activities here are capital intensive, considering the staff strength, the metropolitan nature of Lagos State and the complexity of its transportation network.

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