Averting Auto Crash This Christmas Period

A significant number of Nigeria’s over 160 million see the month of December as one opportunity to reunite with family and friends at Christmas; this they achieve by travelling a long distance on Nigerian deadly highways to their home towns or on holiday. Ember months are the last four months in a calendar year. The […]

Recommended Safe Limits of Alcohol: keeping your Christmas drinking in check

The christmas season is upon us, and that means celebrating with families and friends. It’s also the time of year when we may push our limits when it comes to delicious cocktails and glasses of Champaign. But it’s important to keep our holiday drinking under control. What are the recommended safe limits of alcohol? Men […]

Dangerous beauty: Salon worker health is in the spotlight

Headaches, Dizziness, Irritated eyes, skin and throat, Asthma, Miscarriages, Liver and kidney damage and Cancer. All of these are potential health problems faced by workers in nail salons. A two-part New York Times investigation published in May reported that nail-salon workers can be exposed to harmful chemicals and suffer a wide range of ailments. The […]

Process Safety Leadership guide

Industry Leaders Have a Critical Role to Play in Fuelling Process Safety Management across Their Business Achieving and sustaining an injury-free workplace demands strong leadership. The connection between leadership and process safety has not always been clear. Leaders often struggle to identify how or whether they affect process safety outcomes. For instance, in the case […]

Key steps to over your Safety challenges

In the future, being able to find creative solutions to safety problems will set talented safety professionals apart from the mediocre. Back in the late 1960s, two psychologists, Getzels and Csikszentmihaly, did some research among some art students to uncover how they approached an arts project. They started by dividing the students into two groups. […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Safety Professionals

I know it’s kind of a cheese-ball move but I thought I would devote this edition to New Year’s resolutions for safety professionals Resolution #1: Less Focus On Preaching More On Teaching The New Year is upon us, and once again it is the season for New Year’s resolutions. What will it be this time around? […]


    [vslider name=”vslider_options”] “It seems that risk aversion is the best excuse for the day when you want compliance. Every time something is banned or restricted it is because it’s a ‘safety requirement’. No wonder people think safety is an embuggerance! When we want to bamboozle people who don’t know the Act or Regulation […]