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Gas Powered Generator Invention and Safety Concerns

…Who Will Protect the Consumers? With the high cost of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) otherwise known as petrol, comes inventions to reduce the cost of domestic consumption of petrol to generate alternative power. Of note is the newly introduced Gas Cylinder powered generating set to generate electricity. Concerned citizens are calling on the authorities to […]

Christmas Holiday Safety Tips

With the holidays upon us and Christmas just around the corner, the need to recap a few crime prevention tips as part of our ongoing commitment to keep our readers safe always comes handy. Working together, we can make this Christmas holiday even better that what we had last season. When Shopping: Always be alert […]

Ways to Reduce Noise Pollution

Man has a poor track record of recognizing disease-causing agents. And often, once the agents have been recognized, people are still reluctant to change. One commonly overlooked disease causer is noise pollution. Right now, the World Health Organization found that traffic noise alone is harmful to the health of almost every third person in Europe. […]

How to Design a Kitchen: Safety Tips

The kitchen is the heart of the home and most customers are willing to invest a lot of time and money into selecting the right appliances and décor to get this space looking just right. However, safety should also be a consideration. Building safety into your kitchen can be as simple as thinking carefully about […]

Identifying Hazards at home

The word “home” typically conjures up feelings of warmth, safety, and physical security. While purchasing a home, or renting an apartment, can be financially stressful, it’s worth it if you can achieve some combination of these feelings.The problem is that we do not often make the home safe and secure for our families. A comprehensive […]