What is Ergonomics (or human factors)?

  Ergonomics literally means the science or study of work. It is about designing for people, wherever they interact with products, systems or processes. It is the science of fitting “jobs to workers” and “products to consumers”.   The emphasis within ergonomics is to ensure that designs complement the strengths and abilities of people and […]


  Joy Ikems Fashion encompasses the processes and products aimed at achieving a cool and hip look, comfortability and inner self-expression. But in recent times, immodesty in the fashion sense of today’s youths is on the increase. Even little children are caught in the act because their parents see fashion as a different ball game […]

Bad roads in Nigeria

Bad Roads, Ember Months and Safety of Life

A major cause of road accidents in Nigeria is bad roads. As at today, it is difficult to ply the length of any major road in the country without encountering dangerous portions and death traps. This is not good for a richly-endowed country that boasts 56 years of nationhood. The deplorable state of roads in […]

FG Issues Warning Against Use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

FG Issues Warning Against Use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

…Despite no official launching, Samsung forced to recall exploding galaxy note 7 devices in Nigeria Worried by the various media reports, over fears for customer safety after reports were lodged of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone device catching fire and exploding, the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) on September 18 warned Nigerians against using the […]

Quick Thinking Saves Woman from Kidnappers

Quick Thinking Saves Woman from Kidnappers

An audio recording of an unnamed woman’s recollection of a nervy escape from kidnappers in Lagos was sent to Safety Record Newspaper by a security expert. The exact date of the incident could not be ascertained, but there is a lesson for everyone. Excerpt. Good morning, sisters. I want to share my experience with you […]

The Psychology of Accident Prevention

How many more should we allow to die?

By Samuel Akinfe. It is the beginning of ember months. Many people see the ember months as the most dreadful months of the year, because activities of the year begin to ramp up very fast. So also, people become vulnerable to various vices, and road crash is not exempted. And looking back in the year, […]

Using Fireworks At Your Next Event, Is Not A Must

Using Fireworks At Your Next Event Is Not A Must

Fireworks now add “flavour” to an event. It gives the much desired sparkling effect which elicits fun, excitement and awesome visual amusement to any event. These spectacular displays have over time become ingredients of effects for all kinds of celebrations as they are a great source of excitement, motivation and entertainment at events. Whether for […]

Peace Mass Transit: One Too Many Killings

Peace Mass Transit: One Too Many Killings

… Company advertises safety, despite several auto mishaps It was a pleasant experience on August 17; the first time Safety Record placed a call through to the customer care centre of a transport service provider, Peace Mass Transit – with the intention to seek information for this story. On the first ring, an auto-tune greeted the […]

Oil Sector: Managing Process Related Incidents - Okudor Emmanuel

Oil Sector: Managing Process Related Incidents

…IOSH-Nigeria Informal Network Group advocates implementation of Process Management System (PSM) in process and chemical/production industry  The Oil and Gas sector has been a major contributor to the Nigeria economy; and equally played a dominant socio- economically role, which has had its effects on the life of its citizens. Despite the big role it plays […]