Sugar is one content that mothers try so hard to reduce for the kids but this is not so easy as some kids know what buttons to press and some can throw a tantrum so bad that even the most strict mother eventually caves in. You have heard certain people say that […]

Calabar Fire Incident: Why Scoop Fuel?

  No fewer than 30 people were killed and many more injured when a fire broke out at the petroleum tank farm located within the Calabar Free Trade Zone (CFTZ) in Cross River State on Sunday, July 16. According to various media reports quoting eye witnesses, the fire started when a worker in one of […]

Ergonomics Standards

  The Phrase “ISO standards” is generally used in conversations by safety professionals. However, the knowledge and understanding of its creation is not fully understood by many. We generally reference standards as recommendation without understanding the true relevance and application. Perhaps we may ask ourselves, are this standards truly peculiar to Nigeria? This month’s write-up […]

How to Keep Safe If a Car is Caught in a Flood

  Malam Sa’adu Abubakar, a resident of Bakin Iku village in Suleja area of Niger State, returned home from his shop around 11 pm on Saturday, July 8, with no premonition of lurking disaster. But by the next morning, eight members of the 37-year-old Zamfara indigene’s immediate family had been swept away by flood. Narrating […]

Nigeria and the worst oil tanker fires around the world

  At least 123 people were killed and scores injured in central Pakistan early Sunday, June 25 when a fire erupted after crowds rushed to collect fuel from an overturned oil tanker. Here are the most serious of such incidents around the world over the past decade. In many of the most deadly of these, […]

Vehicle and Driver Ergonomics

  Fig 1 The comfort and functional utility of a vehicle depends on its physical design in relation to the physical structure, biomechanics of the human body and mental disposition. Drivers interact with various elements in the vehicle (chairs and control panels) which may be harmful if performed or used wrongly. Due to human variability, […]

A Guide to Accident Investigation

  First, let us establish the need for accident investigation. A thorough accident investigation should identify all immediate, underlying and root causes, thereby providing a foundation for developing control measures to eliminate these causes. This should result in a continual improvement in health and safety management. Hence, accident investigation is necessary for the following reasons: […]

Ergonomics — Manual handling of people in the healthcare sector

    Safety in the healthcare sector is a complex one. Rather than just thinking of the health and safety of patients, it is equally pertinent we pay  attention to safety of healthcare workers. This month’s write-up will focus on patients handling task and ergonomics approach to management.   A systematic review of patient handling […]

World No Tobacco Day 2017: Beating tobacco for health, prosperity, the environment and national development

    Action to stamp out tobacco use can help countries prevent millions of people falling ill and dying from tobacco-related disease, combat poverty and, according to a first-ever WHO report, reduce large-scale environmental degradation. On World No Tobacco Day 2017, WHO is highlighting how tobacco threatens the development of nations worldwide, and is calling […]