Recent research carried out by China Youth Daily has shown that overexposure to electronics has the tendency to worsen the eyesight of children.

The research which was carried out in China had 72.6 percent of parents complain of their children suffering nearsightedness due to exposure to mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.

A further 68.6 percent of parents surveyed said their children’s eyesight issues worsened further during holidays due to exposure to electronics.

85.6 percent of the surveyed parents, however, lamented their inability to check this overexposure.

The survey indicated that of all electronics, mobile phones, computers, and video games posed the highest risks respectively.

A high school teacher in Beijing, Mr. Wang Ying also pointed to the use of the internet by largely the younger generation, citing the hazards prevalent.

“Now a lot of learning tasks need to be done with the help of computers or mobile phones, inevitably increasing the time they spend using electronic products,” Ying said.

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