A former National Coordinator of the Women in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) group, Mrs Nkechi Obi, has lamented the hazards being posed by a mass influx of fake gas cylinders into Nigeria.

Obi said this in a chat with newsmen in Lagos on Tuesday.

The expert warned that “bomb-like explosion” would be unavailable as long as fake and substandard LPG cylinders continue to find their way into Nigeria and homes.

She described the sad trend as “harmful to the Nigerian economy” saying the act posed a serious threat to the safety of women who spend more of the time in the kitchen.

“More so, importing cylinders is harmful to the Nigerian economy and goes contrary to the quest by the nation to become self-reliant because cylinders are now manufactured here.

“Using fake cylinders also poses a severe danger to our womenfolk, who face daily risk of death or injury in the event of explosion of fake cylinders in their kitchens,’’ she said.

Other LPG advocates called on the Federal Government to only issue granting clearance approvals to importers who possess CIQ certification.

Only recently, the Nigerian Customs Service seized fake cooking gas cylinders worth N38 million, which analysts say could be used to import as many as 1.8 million cylinders into the country.

Furthermore, they said that less than one million homes in Nigeria use LPG for cooking.

The Federal Government has recently launched a campaign to ensure that up to 13.8 million households adopt LPG for their cooking in the next five years

According to Mr Osita Aboloma, the Director-General of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), the cylinders were seized following a failure to attain standard safety requirements.

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