Popular transportation company, Uber says it has reeled out new community guidelines to enhance safety of its users.

According to the General Manager, West Africa for Uber, Lola Kassim, who spoke in Lagos recently, the new guidelines are an upgrade on the existing community guidelines which will create more insight on the use of the app and safety features for both drivers and users.

“Fostering a community of mutual respect matters to us and this change is about shared accountability on our platform and asking everyone using Uber to be respectful of one another.

“With this new policy, when Uber sees a pattern of riders getting consistent bad feedback, they will receive a warning and will be given advice on how to improve.

“If they continue to receive negative feedback from drivers after warnings, the next step would be to temporarily suspend their account for one week.

“And if there is no improvement, the rider eventually faces the possibility of full deactivation.

“Being a member of the Uber community means treating others the way they want to be treated. It’s a two-way street, riders rate drivers and drivers rate riders,” she said.

Kassim said the initiative was part of the company’s resolve to promote safety on the road for all parties concerned.

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