The Lagos State Safety Commission and the management of Rigipark Containers Limited met on Tuesday, July 23 regarding concerns over workplace safety at the company’s factory.

The meeting follows a work place accident involving one of the company’s staff, Kingsley Ifokwe, whose arm got chopped off while working one of Rigipark’s machines.

The staff who was in the employ of the company from 2014, was relieved of his duties in 2015, before being recalled by the company in 2016.

“They dropped me and called me back in 2016. I was a staff from 2014-2015, it was just 10 months before they dropped me and called me back as a contract staff,” Ifokwe said.

According to the safety commission’s incident report, the incident occurred due to the company’s failure to adequately sensitise its workers on the proper handling of machines, as well as an absence of of safety management system.

According to the report: “Staff of Rigipark Containers work overtime.

“They undergo 12 hours shift with inadequate resting time. Hence, the accident occurred as a result of fatigue, absent-mindedness, and workers overstretching themselves.”

Ifokwe corroborated the report’s findings saying: “Normally, we go on break but it has been long we experienced break.”

However, the Director of Rigipark, Sanjay Jain, refuted the claims of the injured staff and the commission’s reports.

“People do not want to use them (personal protective equipment), you force them, force them but they don’t use it.”

“We are a law-abiding corporate institution that was why we reported the incident and we also took care of the victim.

“Rigipark has been in operation since 1978 and no incident of such has occurred. We give them time to rest, in fact, some of them hide in sleep,” he said.

The company, nonetheless, agreed to cater for the medical expenses and the purchase of an artificial limb for the victim.

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