air pollution
air pollution

The Kogi State Commissioner for Environment and Natural Resources, Mr Sanusi Yahaya, on Monday in Lokoja advised residents of the state to take the issue of air pollution seriously for the sake of the environment.

The Commissioner cited a World Health Organisation (WHO) statistics which shows that seven million people die yearly from polluted air.

Yahaya, who spoke along the theme of the World Environment Day 2019, said, ”We sensitise people through radio jingles to discourage air pollution. By this, the public are educated on the danger of air pollution, and this may make them to desist from such acts.

”Though it is not something that will disappear overnight, there must be alternatives which is the use of domestic gas for cooking.

”The state is providing cleaner stove that consumes less and causes less air pollution.”

Yahaya decried the state of air pollution in the state, stating that inhaling polluted air poses serious health risks, including lung cancer.

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”As a government, we have enacted laws through the State House of Assembly that created the State Environmental Protection Board through the law setting up the board in 2018.

”The law has provisions that limit human activities and level of emission that is allowed from burning of fossil fuels from equipment, machinery, vehicles, coals, quarry activities, among others.

”It also has provision against burning of bush, solid wastes, and all other activities that release these particles and other gases as pollutants into the atmosphere.

”The right to clean air is a human right and it involves everyone; the quality of air we breathe will determine the quality of life we enjoy,” he said.


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