A bio-gas expert, Mr Basil Nnamdi, says the Federal Government can sufficiently provide energy to Nigerians by recycling environmental waste.

He made the disclosure in Abuja on Friday, May 2.

Nnamdi stated that if all waste could be gathered and processed into energy, the bio-gas and its byproducts could serve for home cooking and fertilizers for farmers.

“Many countries, especially the developed countries, have turned the waste in their environment to wealth by recycling them into other byproducts or converting them to biogas for energy,” he said.

“Biogas is the process of using biotechnology process to convert waste to energy in the form of methane through anaerobic digestion.

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“Government has already set up agencies such as the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA), National Biotechnology Management Agency (NBMA), and others with the mandate to research and develop this system.

“What needs to be done is to invest more funds in these agencies.

“If these agencies are well-funded and mandated to come up with sustainable solutions to the various environmental challenges we face as a country, they will be energised to work”

He explained that the adoption of bio-gas will rid the country of incessant refuse sites and increase the energy in the country.

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