A road crash in Ibadan, Oyo State on Saturday, April 13 has resulted in a fatality and left four more persons injured.

Eyewitnesses say that the accident occurred after an official of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) chased the driver of a Micra commercial car who had refused to pull over when ordered to do so.

Safety Record learnt that the chasing vehicle of the FRSC as well as the car both ran into a ditch, instantly leading to the death of the driver of the car, Akeem Ibrahim and injuring four of his passengers.

A witness, who refused to be named, said, “We saw how the FRSC officials were pursuing the unpainted commercial car.

“The officials were trying to overtake the car and in the process both of them plunged into this wide hole by the roadside.

“The FRSC were chasing the car because it was not painted in the normal commercial colour.

“The passengers in the car were shouting and pleading with the officials not to risk their lives, but they did not heed their pleas.

“Like a movie, we just saw and heard a deafening noise when they crashed.

“The Micra car somersaulted before it crashed into the ditch, followed by the FRSC van.

“The driver of the Micra car had stopped breathing by the time they carried him out.

“Other four passengers in the car were critically injured when they pulled them out. Blood covered them all over.”

Some drivers had accused the FRSC of causing more deaths rather than saving lives in the area, with a number of the drivers reported to have almost attacked FRSC officials but for the police patrolling the area.

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